Thursday, July 24, 2008


August is a month full of back to school preparations. Whether its your first or 21st it still is a tad nerve racking. Especially for the 2008 High School grads who will be heading to their new campuses very soon. Text messaging and emails are the preferred means of communication for these savvy new college students, but a care package wouldn't be complete without a bit of stationary....why not throw in something that may even garner a giggle or a chuckle. Our boxed note cards and lined list pads are the perfect addition. They would also be great to have handy for yourself...whether you need to jot a quick Thank You note or send a note to your friend just to bring a smile to her face....these cards are for you! And what about all of those To Do's in your life? A lined list pad would work perfect!

We also have quite a few designs in cocktail napkins...but that is for another day. We don't want to promote cocktails to college students! -Insert sarcasm here-

Each boxed set of cards comes with 2 designs (6 each).

The 2nd design in this pack (above pic)...."Good friends are like thighs....they are always sticking together." You laughed, right?!

These really are a hoot!

Definitely one of my favorites....and a great reminder!
What mom can't relate to this one?! many people do you know that this would be perfect for, but because of the aforementioned mood swings you can't give it to?
And a perfect one for the graduate...this was one of my sorority's favorite sayings while in college...let's be honest I'm sure they still love too!

Summer Yard Sale....Surprise!!!

Yard Sale
July 26

We have been working in our storage spaces trying as usual to organize, organize, and organize some more. Much to our surprise we found some boxes of perfectly good home decor and a few holiday odds and ends that had been hiding on us! We were a tad distressed with what to do with these goodies. Sooo instead of keeping them boxed up and honestly forgotten about yet again, we have decided to set up an impromptu Yard Sale. Yes that is right...our tables are being set up outside Saturday (7/26) morning and will be filled....close to overflowing with bargains. We normally do 2 large sales a year.....but we really want to organize ourselves for real this time. So we will be slashing prices....some you may be surprised at....some we may be surprised at....don't question us, just bring your shopping purse and be ready to save some moolah! See you Saturday!

Monday, June 16, 2008

K Hall Additions

We have added to our K. Hall, Pomegranate and Milk collections. Begin with the Shower Paste which will detoxify, polish, and hydrate. Then use a bar of the Triple Milled Shea Butter and Olive Oil soap....luxurious! And finish off with the 8 ounce bottle full of Shea Butter lotion...decadent!
Introduce luxury to your everyday life...with either the Milk or Pomegranate soaps!
Treat yourself to a decadent indulgence with the Milk or Pomegranate Shea Butter Lotion.

We also now have the refills for your favorite sure to stop in soon to refresh and renew not only your home, but you too!

Red, White and Blue....

The beginning of summer often fills our social calendars with functions and gatherings for weddings, graduations and picnics. But as we near the end of June things start to calm down a bit and we are ready to prepare for our 4th of July celebrations. Its hard to believe that the Fireworks Tents are popping up around town, but its a great reminder that Independence Day is just around the corner.

We have added an assortment of place mats, napkins and runners that are the perfect color combination to dress your table for your 4th of July gathering. Our mini citronella potted candles would make the perfect place card and gift for your guests to take home with them. Plus it will keep the bugs away!
Perfect 90 inch runner for your table...picnic or dining room.

Red, white and blue citronella candles in mini terracotta pots...perfect, right?!

Need a new rustic sconce with character?

We love Geraniums....hardy and colorful....they scream Summer!

Now some may consider this the most important part of any gathering....the place where your guests' drinks rest. With the warm weather upon us, our drinks tend to sweat and need a little something to be set on. These cocktail napkins will lend a bit of humor to your table....Enjoy!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Beautiful Saturday.....

Our Spring Back Door Sale was quite a success! We hold the sale twice a year and this allows us to offer inventory we are ready to clear out to our customers at quite a savings. Here are some pics from the fun day full of savings...and we lucked out with absolutely beautiful weather!

These are the AM in 6:30 a.m.! I am really lucky to have a wonderful family who enjoys helping out at the shop. Thanks again Aunt Phyllis, Aunt Terri, and Aunt Mary.

And the PM helpers....thanks Lori and Candi! The day got a little crazy around 4:00 and these lovely ladies helped keep me organized and packed up quickly...Thanks Again!

The side yard was full of tables with marked down merchandise. Here the shoppers are perusing the bargain offerings.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Picture Perfect....

We have added a new collection of Inspiration Photo Frames to our selection. The first shipment flew out faster than we had time to take pictures to share, but we just received a new batch. These would make wonderful gifts for just about any occasion or even a nice little gift to yourself. They have beautiful quotes and are available in various matting and frame combinations. So without further ado......

Spring Back Door Sale

Its closing in on that time of year again....time for your favorite shops on Main Street to start gathering and marking down some of their excess inventory and offer you fabulous savings!!!!!! There are 9 locations to save this start planning your route for the day. We (dahlias) will set up in our side yard again and will have toted and marked things down for your buying pleasure. The savings will happen:

May 17, 2008
8:00 am - ?????
Sale Locations Include:
Jake's On Main ~136 S. Main St.
Main Street Books ~ 307 S. Main St.
dahlias ~ 525 S. Main St.
Heritage Place Antiques ~ 600 S. Main St.
Maison Rive ~ 603 S. Main St.
Jansen Clocks ~ 608 S. Main St.
The Satterfield's ~ 715 S. Main St.
Main Street Marketplace ~ 708 S. Main St.
Finishing Touches by Charlotte* ~ 825 S. Main St.
*formerly This Olde House