Sunday, April 29, 2007 my dream

Many times I am asked "Oh, are you Dahlia?" While the truthful answer is no...I am seems Jamie and Dahlia have become one and the same. The shop has taken over my life (which is not necessarily a bad thing)...I work 7 days a week, but am lucky to have a huge family that wants to help out (minus pay might I add) so that I can get away for certain events, but what you see in the shop is me. I choose the products to purchase, I scour flea markets and barns looking for the perfect display pieces, I unpack the boxes, I set the displays, I run the register, I maintain the website, I do the marketing (the meager amount I can do), and....well lets just say I could go on and on! While some may see these examples as a rambling whiner...I am not whining (rambling, probably). These are the things I do on a daily basis...these are the things I LOVE to do on a daily basis.

While being an entrepreneur isn't all roses...I have my seriously stressful times...its an amazing thing! In college I took a class on being an entrepreneur...we had entrpreneurs who were alumn from Southeast Missouri State University (my own alma mater) come and speak to was great to hear their trials and tribulations. One thing that always stuck with me was an alumn that owned a trucking company said that owning your own business does make you the boss, but the boss is responsible for EVERYTHING to do with the business... The class also gave us a list of pesonality characteristics that most entrepreneurs possess...well I didn't have many of the characteristics. I think entrepreneurs are just that, entrepreneurs...I don't believe there is a certain personality mix that will be a guarantee. I believe that you have to have a passion for what you will be doing...because it will be your life (especially in the initial stages) and you have to be willing to work (and work and work), but it is so worth it!