Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hand Painted Linens

We recently received an array of fabulous hand painted linens. They are created and produced in the charming state of Mississippi and really are of the highest quality. We thought we would share a few photos of them with you. So here goes.....

A great Birthday gift!!!

Great Hostess gifts....choose your color....
Matching coasters....your gift is complete!
This would make a perfect housewarming gift OR wedding gift. Actually I will be adding this to a wedding gift I am putting together for this weekend...sorry Sarah don't look!

Halloween Goodies.....

We thought we would show off some of our favorite Halloween goodies that are still lurking around the shop....we really don't have much left, but these are some of our favorites.....

A spooky Skeleton Candy Holder......

Vintage letterpress Monster Party invites....

Glitter pumpkin and a witch's hat....a whimsical Halloween my pretties!!!

A Haunted House come in...muawhahaha!

Stop by to pick out your favorite Halloween goody...get them while they last!

We've Moved.....Things Around!

Whew we have been working our buns off this past week...between great ideas and prepping for the Back Door Sale....let's just say we are happy to have things in place, at least for now and the sale over with. We have cleaned and moved and moved and cleaned many, many corners of the shop...some are barely recognizable now. When we get the itch to redo we can't wait, so the destruction of these days we will remember to photograph our way through the messy work that goes with rearranging, but not this time.

We wanted to highlight and expand the Holiday section, so we transported our Holiday goodies to the front of the shop...this included our beautiful mantle we unearthed this summer. Actually it was unearthed for us and we were pleasantly surprised by the find awaiting us in an attic just a couple blocks away....thanks again RoseMary! Our Holiday corner looks perfect and inviting in the front room....lights are twinkling and the holly is starting to come out. Be sure to stay tuned because some of our fun vintage Holiday treasures will be arriving this week....oooh we are excited!

Since we moved the Holiday area from the very, very back room, we were stumped as to what would fill the void. But never fear....we are creative mind you! Our back room is now a peaceful retreat full of our bathroom goodies and accessories. Honestly we don't think this room has ever looked this good! It only took us a year and a half to figure out what fit in this room. Believe us it has been a baby room, a kitchen area, a sale room, and the Christmas room....but now its perfect, cozy, and smells wonderful. It is now the home of our Fresh Linen Collection and our E. Barrett soaps...of course our Ocean Soap has taken centerstage, between the wonderful scent and the absolutely perfect turquoise color its no surprise!

We also moved our new favorite K. Hall Designs line to the window lined with looks wonderful! It showcases the frangrances and allowed us to use colors that coordinate with the Fall reminds us of a masculine study....well as masculine as dahlias can get:)

Our wine finds and black buffett were also transported to a new area and really give depth and character to a niche in the shop that has been problematic for us. Its amazing the new feel the shop has taken on by just moving a few pieces. We are not completely satisfied because we do still need a couple new pieces of furniture...the corners are pretty easy to spot, but overall the shop looks fresh and ready to receive our new goodies that are on the way!