Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Glimpse of Spring!

It may be hard to imagine that Spring is right around the corner. As we brace ourselves for another dose of winter weather....warmer tempuratures and Spring blooms seem out of reach. We have been fortunate enough to have a warm day here and there, but seriously a 60 degree drop in temperature just doesn't seem fair! "Cold Fronts" and "Low Pressure Systems" are 2 of my least favorite phrases at the moment. Just yesterday we had the front door open and were enjoying the its 23 degrees out and the winds are strong enough to make your eyes water. Realistically we know it could be worse...Chicago has some ridiculous Wind Chill of -19 and the farther North the worse it gets....we know, we know. Sooo be thankful for the little things like nice warm, cozy shop, the sun that is shining brightly, and the fun new goodies that have recently arrived.

Cardboard has been the theme around dahlias recently. If you stopped in we apologize for the mess! We don't get a chance to hide too much of it...since we unpack and price right there in the middle of the shop...well we do try to contain our messes to one back section of the shop....but this week the mess basically had a mind of its own and took OVER! We are pretty much back on track...we still have a stack of boxes that are waiting to be stored upstairs until next Christmas...but guess what?! We need to reorganize the upstairs....soooo they are waiting for that to happen...procrastination in its truest form.

We think we chose some really great finds for your home. We have a garden look using burlap and shades of lavender, mixed with natural elements.
In our front room its so wonderful to see light and airy colors dominate our mantle. We have some fabulous frames, vases and candleabras in shades of aqua and lime. Combined with fresh shades of white and pink...mmmmm it just looks great.
Our K. Hall scents have been replenished and we now have refills for your diffusers....a great way to keep your home freshly scented. We also added a new scent to our Hillhouse Naturals collection. New for Hillhouse this Spring is Botura....a definite earthy scent that works wonderfully in our Garden. Botura was created with a "green" mentality.
We also received some new wall art...these are perfect to give a new attitude to any room. Choose a framed print with a different accent color....simply switch out a couple throw pillows and you have livened up your space! Here are a few shots of our finds....enjoy!