Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baubles for Gifts....

We have added to our jewelry collection....

An array of gold initials....add to your favorite chain necklace or pick one of our simple pearl strands to complete your look!

Vintage gold pearl necklace what more can we say?!This is another classic vintage piece...simple pearls adorned with a gold scroll work charm and crystal encrusted dangle....perfect for any occasion!These chunky pearls are a nice addition to any collection....for work or'll make a classic statement! Seasonal jewelry done tastefully! This simple snowflake silhouette necklace will carry you straight through the winter season or even just the earrings....and see the double layer bracelet hanging there? Yes that matches too....a complete set!

These button pins are a great gift to slip in with a Holiday card...

Most of these pieces are created with a combination of vintage and new finds....and all are handmade in the United States....a true treasure awaits!

Christmas a la Paris....

As we were putting our previous post together we wanted to include photos for those Paris-loving souls on your gift giving list.....but there were tooo many! So now on to our Paris goodies.....

Let's begin with our snazzy truly vintage Pink Bottle Brush tree....not so very French, BUT was the perfect addition to our Parisian collection and shows our petite Eiffel Tower ornaments off superbly! We have had quite a few offers to take it off our hands, but sorry its not for sale this year....

A close up of our petite Eiffel Tower all of its glittery glory!

Now you can see where the petite comes in.....look at this glittery masterpiece.

This is the Parisian edition from our new framed artwork looks like a true charcoal sketch....the frame is raised from the print to create a dimensional look.....and the scrolling is actually on the glass. Makes a truly Parisian inspired statement!

Our Fleur de Lis jewelry collection ranges from bracelets to necklace sets.....this triple layer necklace and earring set would make any Paris lover happy and singing your praises.....Merci! We think this plaque sums it up quite nicely.....and we still have our collection of everyday Paris goodies....Gift Tags, Vintage Postcards, Vintage Magnets, File Folders, and Stamp sets.

Holiday Finds and Gifts!

Here is a peek at our 2007 Holiday Collection....great gifts for your list and yourself! Enjoy!

Vintage Christmas silver topped snow laden houses go wonderfully with our hinged pewter reindeer. Rounded out with a tree snow globe...the perfect gift for your guy or girl friends! The classic etched photo frame would be a great addition to your family photo collection.
Pewter measuring spoons with stand from the Vineyards Collection, for your avid or novice chef. Throw in the spoon rest too....what vineyard themed kitchen would be complete without it?! These are a favorite of one of our favorites....Paula Deen uses pieces from the line...Our motto is you gotta trust a gal that uses that much butter and can make some kickin biscuits....right?!Our wine collection includes some wonderful cocktail napkins...which are great to have on hand for your next gathering....or a quick gift! Our favorite is...."Eat, Drink.....and who is Mary?"

An inspirational mug....who wouldn't love one of these?! A great reminder while sipping your favorite warm beverage of choice...We have the perfect add on to top this gift off....Peppermint Flavored Cocoa Mix....yummy!

The newest addition to our Hillhouse Naturals Collection...Cashmere. If you're looking to fragrance your home (or yourself) with a clean, warm scent this is the one for you.....refreshing!These prints are a great combination of vintage with a modern touch....ready to livening up anyone's space!Can you tell we've received some new prints....they are fabulous! This one is a great landscape...the print is set back from the glass to give it a dimensional feel and the glass actually has the scroll work on it......a new twist on framed artwork!These topiary prints would be great for those vaulted ceiling walls that beg to be adorned with artwork that brings warmth to your space....whether as a pair or by themselves.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hand Painted Linens

We recently received an array of fabulous hand painted linens. They are created and produced in the charming state of Mississippi and really are of the highest quality. We thought we would share a few photos of them with you. So here goes.....

A great Birthday gift!!!

Great Hostess gifts....choose your color....
Matching coasters....your gift is complete!
This would make a perfect housewarming gift OR wedding gift. Actually I will be adding this to a wedding gift I am putting together for this weekend...sorry Sarah don't look!

Halloween Goodies.....

We thought we would show off some of our favorite Halloween goodies that are still lurking around the shop....we really don't have much left, but these are some of our favorites.....

A spooky Skeleton Candy Holder......

Vintage letterpress Monster Party invites....

Glitter pumpkin and a witch's hat....a whimsical Halloween my pretties!!!

A Haunted House come in...muawhahaha!

Stop by to pick out your favorite Halloween goody...get them while they last!

We've Moved.....Things Around!

Whew we have been working our buns off this past week...between great ideas and prepping for the Back Door Sale....let's just say we are happy to have things in place, at least for now and the sale over with. We have cleaned and moved and moved and cleaned many, many corners of the shop...some are barely recognizable now. When we get the itch to redo we can't wait, so the destruction of these days we will remember to photograph our way through the messy work that goes with rearranging, but not this time.

We wanted to highlight and expand the Holiday section, so we transported our Holiday goodies to the front of the shop...this included our beautiful mantle we unearthed this summer. Actually it was unearthed for us and we were pleasantly surprised by the find awaiting us in an attic just a couple blocks away....thanks again RoseMary! Our Holiday corner looks perfect and inviting in the front room....lights are twinkling and the holly is starting to come out. Be sure to stay tuned because some of our fun vintage Holiday treasures will be arriving this week....oooh we are excited!

Since we moved the Holiday area from the very, very back room, we were stumped as to what would fill the void. But never fear....we are creative mind you! Our back room is now a peaceful retreat full of our bathroom goodies and accessories. Honestly we don't think this room has ever looked this good! It only took us a year and a half to figure out what fit in this room. Believe us it has been a baby room, a kitchen area, a sale room, and the Christmas room....but now its perfect, cozy, and smells wonderful. It is now the home of our Fresh Linen Collection and our E. Barrett soaps...of course our Ocean Soap has taken centerstage, between the wonderful scent and the absolutely perfect turquoise color its no surprise!

We also moved our new favorite K. Hall Designs line to the window lined with looks wonderful! It showcases the frangrances and allowed us to use colors that coordinate with the Fall reminds us of a masculine study....well as masculine as dahlias can get:)

Our wine finds and black buffett were also transported to a new area and really give depth and character to a niche in the shop that has been problematic for us. Its amazing the new feel the shop has taken on by just moving a few pieces. We are not completely satisfied because we do still need a couple new pieces of furniture...the corners are pretty easy to spot, but overall the shop looks fresh and ready to receive our new goodies that are on the way!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Parisian Inspiration....

I do not know what it is, but Paris calls to me! Its a place I have not had the chance to visit (yet!), but hope to someday. I love the architecture that fills the city, the history that is in every nook and cranny, and the chic and sophisticated style that the city oozes. For now I am content to fill a little niche in my shop with Parisian inspired indulgences.

Some of my favorites are part of a fabulous paper line we carry...they have some of the absolute BEST vintage graphics I have had the privilege of finding. We just received more of the Paris 2008 Desk calendars (we sold out of our first shipment!) and if you want one I would hurry....we can not get anymore this year. We also have a limited number of the large sized calendars left!

Make a statement and personalize all of your gifts with our Parisian inspired gift tags...they are a must have! The assorted Parisian scenes on magnets are a favorite too....keep them for yourself or slip one in with the next card you give someone....a little touch of Paris for the recipient. We have an assortment of other Parisian goodies for be sure to stop in and pick out a few to treat yourself....see you soon!

K. Hall Designs

We have been busy this week, rearranging and making room for the new items we have received. We are featuring our new Home Fragrance line from K. Hall Designs for this post...we are so excited to have this line in the shop. K. Hall is a fabulous line that is celebrating its 10th year offering products that soothe and relax. All of their products are made in the United States and the majority are created in St. Louis, MO (U City).

K. Hall strives to make their products as naturally as possible and still allow them to have a shelf life. Their products are a minimum of 95% natural and most are a higher percentage than that. They use both 100% essential oils and a blend of essential and other oils. Utilizing this philosophy allows their frangrances to smell "comforting, familiar, fresh, and real." As opposed to smelling synthetic or fake.

Their candles are an all vegetable blend with a good quantity of soy included. They also blend with other waxes to have a denser wax to offer for their candles and these products are produced by American Farmers and is a 100% renewable resource. To top it off they use an all cotton core there are no worries about burning your new candle. Your new candle will burn for approximately 60 hours. Here is a tip from K. Hall to aid in the effort for a "greener" environment: After your candle is done burning, clean it out and use it as a drinking glass.

We also offer K. Hall diffusers, they were actually one of the first domestic companies to hand make diffusers. So needless to say they have been able to find the best elements that allow them to create a truly fabulous product. Their diffusers are made with many natural oils and they do not add extendors or enhancers. Your diffuser will last four months on average, but it really depends on the make up of the individual oils used for the diffuser. They offer a few tips to prolong the life of your diffuser: keep out of direct sunlight and away from vents.
We have a nice selection of scents to choose from, the scents include: Moss, Flax-Linen, Milk, Lavender, Pomegranate and Cypress and Cassis. Our favorite right now is Pomegranate, what will yours be? Stop in soon to find it....see you soon:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fall Backdoor Sale!!!!!

We will be holding our Fall Backdoor Sale on Saturday October 6, 2007 from 8 am - ??????.
Be sure to visit us early to ensure you find the BEST deals!
Several other shops will be participating.....

The Homestead 401 S. Main
Maison Rive 603 S. Main
Jansen's Clocks 608 S. Main
The Flower Petaler 620 S. Main
Main Street Marketplace 708 S. Main
Enchantments 809 S. Main

We look forward to seeing you!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

We're baaack....

Well readers....we have returned! Now you maybe wondering where did we go? Let me put you in the know :)

Let's go back to Thursday July is 2:45 a.m. and my alarm is going off! Not only do I have a 6:00 a.m. flight to catch...I am finishing up my house/dogsitting duties...and arriving at my parents' house by 4:15 to leave for the airport. I arrive early (not usual for me in the least!) and we set off for the airport...we arrive before the security gates are opened to get into our terminal...maybe we were a little TOO anxious...but better safe than sorry (or in our case better tired than late!). We finally board our plane and we notice it is after 6:00 and people are continuing to file in...seriously do they really hold the plane if you are running late? We find out no that isn't the case...apparently there is a bit of a scuffle at security! People throwing punches...yelling...and one tries to walk past security! Okay so better safe than sorry really does seem to be true...

Surprisingly we arrive in Atlanta as scheduled...8:40 a.m....we head to pick up our luggage and then make our journey to the Marta...for our ride into the city. Now I am going to fill you in on a phobia of I have to ride them the entire time we are at Market...I doubt a day goes by when we don't ride an escalator...I can handle those...they are regular...floor to floor. The ones I am referring to go on have to ride it for over a minute...the ones that bring you up from the Marta at Peach Tree palms sweat and my breathing turns shallow...I kid you not! So I found a way to cope with the inevitable ride up from the Marta...I stared at my feet...and didn't EVEN think of glancing up or I don't have to worry about that again until January...whewww!

So on to the important stuff (enough about me!)....we start our day in Building #3...this is where we find our most we can buy and take with us...but we do have a few lines that are strictly order...which is good too! As we load bag after bag on to our rolling briefcase...we decide to journey over to Building #1, 20th floor and start checking out the showrooms there.

Brief interruption....Market is made up of 3 buildings...#1 (Merchandise Mart) has 20 floors...this is where we find our holiday showrooms and home decor items. Building #2 (Gift Mart) has 18 floors...this is where we find nice lines that offer small items at lower price points (usually). Building #3 (Apparel Mart) is home to jewelry and never seems to fail to be the busiest of all 3...if you don't like crowds good luck in Building #3. Buildings #1 & #3 have floors for temporary boothes to be set up...see below for more on this!

We shop until the 11th hour (really just until 6)....we finally go check into our hotel, get a slice of Pizza from Peach Center Mall...and fall into bed by 9:00 p.m....the sun had not fully set yet...but we were TIRED!!!!

Friday morning finds us refreshed and rejuvinated and ready to find some great stuff! We start off in the temporaries...and find some truly unique items that we are VERY excited about! I for one found a whole new appreciation for the Temps...we ordered from lots of new companies! We then head back to Building #1 around 5...we have until 8 this evening for our shopping pleasure...AND we use every minute!

I had originally thought to tie up any loose ends in my Fall/Christmas orders, but after looking at the new things out...I just felt that we had done a great job of ordering in January and we were finished with Fall/ I placed my Spring 2008 orders...ooooh I am sooo excited about the things I have ordered so be unveiled beginning of Feb 2008:)

Alright really Saturday on is just a blur to me...we were there until Tuesday evening...I know we ordered some great things...and got some AWESOME ideas...So I will fill you in on some lines we picked up...a vintage letterpress line (the cards are cranked out by hand!)....a new fragrance line with candles and diffusers that are created just across the bridge in University City, MO....some pewter accessories...great vintage doorknobs repurposed into wine stoppers (LOVE them!)....AND the list could go on and on...but you will just have to pop in to see me from time to time through the rest of the year ;)

Oh and sorry I forgot to snap some shots for you...I WILL remember in January...promise!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Hope everyone enjoys their holiday and remembers how lucky we are to be able to live our lives as we choose...and have the freedom we do! Most especially remember those who are serving NOW...they are sacrificing for US. Please offer a prayer for a 24 year old St. Louis soldier who was killed in Iraq just 2 weeks ago. THANK YOU Lt. Dan Riordan for your sacrifice...we are FOREVER grateful!