Thursday, July 24, 2008


August is a month full of back to school preparations. Whether its your first or 21st it still is a tad nerve racking. Especially for the 2008 High School grads who will be heading to their new campuses very soon. Text messaging and emails are the preferred means of communication for these savvy new college students, but a care package wouldn't be complete without a bit of stationary....why not throw in something that may even garner a giggle or a chuckle. Our boxed note cards and lined list pads are the perfect addition. They would also be great to have handy for yourself...whether you need to jot a quick Thank You note or send a note to your friend just to bring a smile to her face....these cards are for you! And what about all of those To Do's in your life? A lined list pad would work perfect!

We also have quite a few designs in cocktail napkins...but that is for another day. We don't want to promote cocktails to college students! -Insert sarcasm here-

Each boxed set of cards comes with 2 designs (6 each).

The 2nd design in this pack (above pic)...."Good friends are like thighs....they are always sticking together." You laughed, right?!

These really are a hoot!

Definitely one of my favorites....and a great reminder!
What mom can't relate to this one?! many people do you know that this would be perfect for, but because of the aforementioned mood swings you can't give it to?
And a perfect one for the graduate...this was one of my sorority's favorite sayings while in college...let's be honest I'm sure they still love too!

Summer Yard Sale....Surprise!!!

Yard Sale
July 26

We have been working in our storage spaces trying as usual to organize, organize, and organize some more. Much to our surprise we found some boxes of perfectly good home decor and a few holiday odds and ends that had been hiding on us! We were a tad distressed with what to do with these goodies. Sooo instead of keeping them boxed up and honestly forgotten about yet again, we have decided to set up an impromptu Yard Sale. Yes that is right...our tables are being set up outside Saturday (7/26) morning and will be filled....close to overflowing with bargains. We normally do 2 large sales a year.....but we really want to organize ourselves for real this time. So we will be slashing prices....some you may be surprised at....some we may be surprised at....don't question us, just bring your shopping purse and be ready to save some moolah! See you Saturday!